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So I get a lot questions about my hat’s before and after shows. Although I’d prefer to keep that a secret, I’ve decided to spread the word. The hat is custom made by the very talented Cassie MacGregor. I was first introduced to her line, “The House of MacGregor” from my friends Liz and Jackie at V.O.D. (one of the best boutiques in Dallas (www.vodboutique.com). Click on the any of the pictures to visit Cassie’s website. Her designs are amazing and her custom work is greatness as well.

And now the “HAT STORY”

There was one show in Lubbock at the “Blue Light”, when after our set we were called up to the bar for A DRINK. The next morning I woke up with Texas Rangers cap on my head. Apparently I gave my “House of MacGregor” hat (an autographed it) to my good friend Six. Six is a bartender at the “Blue Light”. Get the picture now?

I miss that hat. But at least I know I gave it to a great friend. (Paying it forward?)

House of MacGregor, V.O.D. – go check them out.


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