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Never one to use our blog to talk politics or spiritual things.  I ran across something that I felt impressed to share.   Matt Chandler is the Lead Pastor of The Village Church, a church in Dallas, TX.

His Thanksgiving Day didn’t exactly go as planned this year.  On Thursday morning, Matt had a seizure and woke up in the hospital.  After a battery of tests, a two inch wide tumor was found in his brain, and his only viable course of treatment was potentially life-threatening surgery to remove the growth.

This is video of Matt a few days before his surgery and was aired at his church.  Pretty powerful stuff.  He’s definitely not afraid.

via Video from Matt.

UPDATE: On Dec. 16th  the brain tumor had  been found to be malignant and “not encapsulated,”.

If you are reading this blog today,  keep Matt, his family and church in  your thoughts and prayers.  If you don’t believe in any of that send positives vibes his way.

I only saw Matt speak twice because friend David wouldn’t stop talking about him.  He was right, Chandler is good.  He’s one of the good ones out there.

Strength Matt…Strength


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